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Jo's Art History Podcast in Focus!

Updated: May 14, 2021

Have you Listened to Episode 20 of the Jo's Art History Podcast yet??

For episode 20 I sit down with British artist Hannah Lingard to discuss the colourful world of David Hockney!

A key figure in British contemporary art - Hockney’s love of colour is one of the artist’s defining features!

Something else Hockney is known for is his love of exploration and not pigeonholing his artists practise - something Hannah and I both love about the artist!!

So join Hannah and I as we discuss the colourful world of David Hockney, his love of exploration, iPad drawings and why you should never stop challenging yourself!

Jo Mclaughlin

April 2021



Hannah Lingard


Jo McLaughlin

The four Hockney works we talk about:

The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire in Twenty-Eleven, 365.8x975.4cm

Barry Humphries, 26th, 27th, 28th March 2015, 48x36in, acrylic on canvas.

Self portrait, 20 March 2012, iPad drawing, 2012

Stained Glass Window in Westminster Abbey, 2018


Hockney Further Reading

Hockney Ipad drawings:

RA 81 Portraits and 1 still life:

High & Low Art:

Hockney in the 1986 doc for the BBC:

Hockney’s 32 canvas painting:

David Hockney Stained Glass Window:

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