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YBA's in Focus: Gavin Turk, Trash

I am not going to lie - this one was a little ‘out there’ for me but a great example as to WHY you should always look again!

Gavin’s work Trash is not what it first appears to be. Although it appears to be a normal big bag filled with wastes and unwanted goods, the work is in-fact a BRONZE SCULPTURE! It serves as a reminder for us to think about what we place importance on. What we keep and what we throw away, in everything that we do, says all there is to say about a person.

Gavin Turk in my opinion is an absolute legend and my go to example of an artist whose work is so much deeper that what it appears at first glance.

He likes to poke fun at the everyday - using mundane items as inspiration most would not give a second thought to.

Did you know Turk was actually refused his art degree by the Royal College, London because his final work - a blue heritage plaque which stated ‘Gavin Turk worked here 1989-1991’ - was considered not good enough to be entered into his degree show?

He also has a thing for incorporating eggs into his work - give him a google and you will see what I mean ;)

He was spotted by the man who is considered the ‘maker’ of the YBAs - and by maker I mean patron/marketing genius - Charles Saatchi, and was included us several YBA exhibitions throughout the 1990s.

The most notable of which is known as Sensation.

A ground breaking show at the Royal Academy of Arts, London and took place in 1997.

Jo McLaughlin

March 2021

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