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Yip - that's right people! She has only gone and done it.

Just when we thought we had all had enough quizzes - thanks again Covid-19 - here she is with the first in a new series of Art History Quizzes!

Feel free to play along alone - OR - if you are part of an Art History Club/Museum Group/pub quiz team/ ANYONE REALLY - why not get some friends together and make an evening of it!

Good luck!

Round 1 – Art History Fun Facts

A round dedicated to just art historical fun facts.

1. Which painting has its own post box due to the number of love letters it receives?

2. Which artist thought he was the reincarnation of his dead brother?

3. Artist Yves Klein patented his own colour – what is it called?

4. Who painted ‘The Night Watch’?

5. What is the technique of painting developed by the Impressionist called?

6. Who is considered one of the founders of the Fauvism movement in Art?

7. Which artist is best known for his to paint and draw dancers?

8. How many paintings did Vincent van Gogh sell during his life time?

9. What was Michelangelo’s David originally going to be a sculpture of?

10. What painting was Picasso accused of stealing?

Round 2 – News Just in

A round dedicated to News from Art History

1. What is the most stolen work of art in history?

2. What artist in 1998 opened a restaurant in Notting Hill called Pharmacy?

3. Which contemporary artist was commissioned to replace a round rose window in Cologne Cathedral which had been destroyed during WW2?

4. Where would you find Gillian Wearing’s sculpture of suffragette leader Millicent Fawcett?

5. In 2019, a toilet was stolen from Blenheim Palace, UK – why was this toilet special?

6. Name the sculptor who is famous for trying to put his L.O.V.E sculptures in every city?

7. What is the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction?

8. On March 18th, 1990 – what happened at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum?

9. Greek and Roman sculptures were actually painted in bright colours– True or False?

10. In 2019, what piece of fruit took the art world by storm?

Round 3 - Museums and Galleries around the world

1. Which world famous Art collector opened his own museum to showcase his personal collection in London?

2. Which museum is famous for looking ‘inside-out’?

3. Which museum is located inside an old power station?

4. What gallery represents the artist Richard Sierra?

5. Which museum has a glass pyramid as its entrance?

6. Architect Frank Lloyd- Wright designed which Museum in New York?

7. Where will you find the newly opened Munch Museum?

8. Which gallery represents the artist Tracey Emin.

9. How many Guggenheim museums are there in the world?

10. In 2017 a new Louvre Museum opened its doors – where is it?

Fancy a Round 4?

Why not try a 'sculpt it' round!?

How to:

· Buy some moulding clay/Play-Doh (I find shops like flying tiger do great budget alternatives that will not break the bank.) You can even use blue tac if you are on a total budget. Or, draw out the art works on a piece of paper if you can’t get your hands on anything.

· Write on a set of cards for each team 5 – 10 different sculptures and paintings.

· One team mate sculpts/draws.

· The others teammates have 30 seconds to guess.

· The team gets a point if they guess within time – it’s up to you if other teams get a chance to guess and steel the point if one team cannot guess.

· Change sculptor/drawer each time.



Round 1

1. The Mona Lisa

2. Salvador Dali

3. International Klein Blue

4. Rembrandt

5. Pointillism

6. Henri Matisse

7. Edgar Degas

8. Just one.

9. Hercules

10. The Mona Lisa – although he did buy stolen property from the Louvre once – and denied he knew they were stolen despite them having their acquisition numbers on the base, next to a stamp which said ‘Louvre, Paris.’

Round 2

1. The Ghent Alter piece.

2.Damien Hirst – it closed and he sold everything at auction which was inside the restaurant – and I mean everything down to the USED glasses and spoons!

3. Gerhard Richter – he was commissioned in 2003.

4. Parliament Square, London.

5. It was solid gold and estimated to be worth $6 million.

6. Robert Indiana – he even translated the word L.O.V.E into different languages depending on the city they were being installed in.

7. The world's most expensive painting to sell at auction is Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, which sold for $450.3 million on November 15, 2017 at Christie's.

8. 13 paintings were stolen – estimated to be worth $500 million. They have still never been recovered.

9. True – the colours have faded/vanished over time.

10. A Banana – from Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘Comedian’ A.K.A - the banana and duck-tape work.

Round 3 – Museums and Galleries

1. Charles Saatchi. And its free to get in

2. The Pompidou Centre, France.

3. Tate, Modern. It opened in 2000

4. Gagosian

5. The Louvre, Paris, France.

6. The Guggenheim.

7. Oslo

8. White Cube.

9. There are 4 Guggenheim Museums - New York, USA; Bilbao, Spain; Venice, Italy and in 2022 one will open in Abu Dhabi! There use to be one in Berlin - alas it closed its doors in 2013! But bounce point if you know there use to be one there!

10. Abu Dhabi

Fancy a Round 4?

This round and results are all on you my friend – ENJOY!!


Well? How did everyone get on?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this quiz and think someone would enjoy it – then please do pass it on! Thanks for taking part and I will be back later in the year with another Jo’s Art History Quiz!

Jo McLaughlin July 2020


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