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Is Everything All White?

♣️ Motions in Monochrome - The Art of Black & White ♣️

Nothing is ever JUST black and white.

Even if a piece appears to be simple to the naked eye, there is always a wealth of stories going on behind a painting, sculpture, photograph, ceramic work - you name it - EVERYTHING has a story. Even those that appear black and white.

Throughout my new series, I will be bringing you a wide curation of artistic wonders from across the world all contained within two colours - black and white.

Let’s celebrate the monochrome. Look deep into the depths of the blackest black paint (hint for an upcoming fun fact) and get lost in fields of whiteness together.

Kicking off the series, I bring you Robert Ryman’s Bridge

NOW - I know what you are thinking…

I could of done this.....

How is this art??

Well brace yourself - it sold $20.6 million dollars at Christies in 2015.

But this work is considered a corner stone within the Minimalist movement. It is not about the white paint - the artist is wanting you to look past it an examine how it makes you feel.

And all emotions are valid - does it make you angry? Sad? Happy?

I’d love to know it the comments!

It’s said anger is the easiest emotion to evoke when we cannot relate or do not understand/unable to place an association with something straight away. Which is why a lot of people get angry when they look at works like Bridge.

If it does make you feel angry - the real question is, why?

Minimalists were about order, purity and simplicity within their work as a way of rejecting the movement known as abstract expressionism which championed and believed art should be gestural and high in movement.

Minimalist desired to remove the need for art to relate to the world and wanted their works to become an object in themselves.

What do you think about bridge?

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