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Lost in Blue

⭐ How beautiful is this stained glass window??? ⭐

And I’m lucky enough to report I have been able to see this one in real life!

It was made by the insanely talented team in the Stained Glass Workshop and Museum in Krakow.

In 2019, before the world broke, I decided to visit the Christmas market in Krakow and to my delight, discovered they have a world-famous workshop which you can tour and even have a go at decorating stained glass.

It was amazing fun and the windows there are beautiful – just like this one.

The window depicts the god Apollo, patron of the arts, sciences and medicine, and was designed for the grand staircase of the Krakow medical society by polish artist Stanislaw Wyspianski.

The colours and details in this work are mind blowing in my opinion.

If I am not mistaken, the one pictured is a remake by the stained-glass museum in Krakow. The last image, scroll down, is the original in place at the Medical society.

I found a really great 20-minute film about the work, so follow the link below!!

It also shows the working drawings within the documentary which are out of this world and shows just how talented those artist in the Krakow’s stained glass workshop are!!!

The workshop are responsible for most of Krakow’s’ greatest stained glass windows.

Stayed tuned for another masterpiece from the workshop coming later this week!

Jo McLaughlin

May 2021

Link to video on the work:

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