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Podcast Episode in Focus: Caravaggio with Jeff Musser!

This week I am looking at Episode 31 of Jo's Art History Podcast.

For this episode I sat down wth contemporary artist Jeff Musser to discuss 3 incredible works by the ORIGINAL art world bad boy Caravaggio.

Born in Milan in 1571 to humble beginnings, Caravaggio went onto ROCK the art world with his incredible handling of light, perception and people within his depictions.

He is one of those artists whose work looks so real, you can almost feel the pain and ecstasy of the people he depicts in his works.

Jeff talks to us about three lesser discussed works by Caravaggio which hold a significant importance to him. These are:

The Crucifixion Of Saint Peter

The Conversion Of Saint Paul

The Madonna Of The Pilgrims

Jeff’s passion and love for Caravaggio is immediately evident and my mind is still blown away at how brilliant this chat was.

I would seriously recommend you look up the three works we talk about as no matter how much Jeff and I try and describe how amazing they are - it is not as good as getting a sense for them yourself.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Find the episode here:

⭐This episode is something special! ⭐

Guest info:

Jeff Musser



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