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The Original Bridgerton

A closer look into William Hogarth's Masterpiece series: Marriage A-La-Mode

Painting One: The Marriage Settlement

Have you, like the rest of the world be fascinated by Bridgerton? Well, this series of Paintings are for you!

Join me on the Jo's Art History Podcast as I take you on an in-depth tour of the first ever depiction of a Bridgerton style marriage drama series in the form of William Hogarth’s Marriage A-la-Mode.

Painting Two: Tete a Tete
Painting Three: The Inspection

This six part series has it all!!

Love, loss, money and betrayal!

It’s very messy with a very serious warning - when you marry for

anything other than love,

no good can come of it.

Let me introduce you to Hogarth’s characters of Earl Squander-field, the slippery

Silver-tongue lawyer and the beautiful, yet not so innocent, Countess Squander-field!

Painting Four: The Toilette

So, who is the innocent party?

Are these two victims of their father’s plans?

Or does this series stand as a warning to all who marry for money and not love?

Painting 4: The Bagnio Painting Five: The Lady's Death

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I'd love to know what you think in the comments below!!

Jo McLaughlin

Feb 2021

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