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Welcome to Jo's Art History!

Well hello!

I’m Jo and thanks for checking out my website and blog which I set up to engage in my love of art history!

Here you will find short essays, reviews and artist in focus segments where I will talk you through some of my favourite artists throughout the History of Art.

All views are my own and where possible, I will correctly credit all images and sources used.

By day you will find me working for the sculpture gallery Pangolin London, where I deal and curate in all things modern and contemporary sculpture. By night you’ll find me reading, writing or talking about all things art history or exploring what the UK gallery and museum scene has to offer.

What is important to me is that you learn something while you are here and you find what I do engaging. I have a lot of exciting plans that include a podcast/youtube channel which is all very much a work in-progress at the moment! So, stay tuned for what is to come!

If you like what I do then please follow me on Instagram

Want to collaborate? Get in touch via the contact me section of the website.

JM 2020

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