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YBA's in Focus: Jo's Art History Episode Highlight!!

Episode 15. Tracey Emin and the Unmade Bed with Kerry Curl

For episode 15, I sit down with the incredibly talented British Photographic artist Kerry Curl to discuss the powerhouse British artist that is TRACEY EMIN.

To many Emin needs no introduction.

The baptised ‘Bad Girl’ of the art world, Tracey is associated with the group of artists known as the YBAs (Young British Artist) who took the London art scene by storm in the Late 1980s and 1990s!

Emin, like her fellow YBAs, caused shockwaves across the art world not only through her varied use of materials but her tackling of ‘taboo’ subjects such as mental health, abortion, rape and grief.

Sit back and relax as Kerry and I discuss Emin’s famous unmade bed, her savvy business women style and a VERY interesting article about Tracey’s Neon Sculpture and large Installation ‘I want my time with you.’

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Jo McLaughlin

April 2021



Kerry Curl

Instagram: @kerrycurl


Jo McLaughlin

Instagram: @josarthistory

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